About us

WeWork was founded in 2010 with the vision to build beautiful office spaces where people and companies come together to get inspired and do their best work. Since opening our first location in New York City, we’ve grown into a global network of intentionally designed workspaces grounded in community. Today, we’re constantly reimagining how space, technology, and community can help everyone—from freelancers to Fortune 500s—get more out of their workday.

Our journey

From a single location in SoHo, we’ve grown to hundreds of locations worldwide. While we have achieved a lot, ours is a journey that is just beginning. We are on a quest to change the way we think about work and help shape the cities of the future. Our vision continues to evolve as we reinvent the way people work through designed space, technology, and community.

A global company

Although we started in the U.S., WeWork has seen tremendous growth in Asia in countries like China, Japan, and India, and throughout Latin America from Mexico to Brazil. Wherever you are, you’ll likely find a WeWork location nearby.

Start your career on campus

WeWork’s internship program is a 10-week experience designed to give you a full picture of what it’s like to work here. This is a job with real responsibilities and real input into how your team operates. You’ll come away with new skills and heightened confidence.

Our values


We make every decision through the lens of “what’s best for our members?”


We believe we must push through the corporate façade and operate with openness, straightforwardness and transparency.


We achieve more when we work together, collaborate and feed off each other’s positive energy.


We will only grow and succeed if we remain focused on the things that matter most.

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