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WeWork's New Head of Sustainability Wants 'Large-scale Impact'
Lindsay Baker, head of sustainability and wellbeing at WeWork, is passionate about how humans relate to their environments, especially at work. She thinks WeWork “can have a large-scale impact” on the world. Read more
At WeWork Summer Camp, 8,000 People Come Together With A Purpose  About 8,000 people from around the world headed to Eridge Park, a wooden area 40 miles southeast of London, for a long weekend of music, food, outdoor activities, and opportunities to improve their skills or learn more about themselves. Read more
To Create a Community, Start with Stairs  WeWork's Fundamental Research team set out to answer one question: Can a simple internal staircase — where it’s located inside a building, how visible it is from nearby, which amenities it connects to — make all the difference in creating community? Read more

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One of the fastest-growing companies in the world, WeWork focuses on more than just office space. We are on a quest to change the way we think about work and help shape the city of the future. Get to know our more about our story.
Learn About Our Diverse Global Community WeWork is a truly global company, and our staff reflects that fact. Although we started in the U.S., we are taking off around the world. We have tremendous growth is Asia in countries like China, Japan, and India, and throughout Latin America from Mexico to Brazil. Many of our tech teams are based in Israel. Wherever you are, there’s probably a WeWork location nearby.
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At WeWork's internship program, our main goal is to give you a full picture of what it’s like to work at WeWork. This is a job with real responsibilities and real input into how your team operates. You'll come away with new skills and heightened confidence.

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