WeWork Process – Construction

DAVE FANO: WeWork is rethinking the way that buildings are sourced, designed, constructed, and managed.
FEDERICO NEGRO: We built a whole business around taking these beautiful older buildings that had seen underinvestment for a long time and bring them back to life and give them many more decades of life.
GRANIT GJONBALAJ: We used technology to become very accurate in the locations of all of our construction elements. Construction trade can just literally come in and start installing, because everything is laid out for them. We’re very, very, very precise. 1/8 of an inch accuracy.
FEDERICO NEGRO: And the reason why precision is important to us is the speed is important to us. We have software that gives us the ability to scan the entire project overnight, and then it automatically generates a report that then is distributed to all of the contractors. Every month, we’re opening 10, 15 properties sometimes 20 we’re opening a building every other day.
LEIGH D’AMBRA: It’s exciting, whether it’s a special appliance or a new phone booth model. Our product is evolving every month.
GRANIT GJONBALAJ: We take pride in our ability to train the industry on how construction should be done.

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