Veteran Entrepreneur Kerrie Gill on Savanna Sandals | Veterans in Residence | WeWork

KERRIE GILL: In the military, you knew what lie ahead. And when you start your own company, now you really don’t. I don’t know how much longer I could have endured if I didn’t have a group of veteran business owners that I could talk to. My dad flew F-16s, and my grandfather was the base commander for that unit. My mom was an officer, and my oldest brother is a CB-22 pilot. I was on the F-16 avionics team. We were a family name at the 180th.
When I was deployed to Africa, I had never been out of the country. I didn’t know what to expect. There were plastic bags hanging from the trees blowing in the wind. They just had massive burn pits. I was able to see that firsthand– global pollution and kids without shoes.
I wanted to do something good for the world, so I founded Savanna Sandals in an effort to do that. So then you can see that they’re made from recycled tire. That last piece of the transition from military to civilian life never would have happened if it weren’t for this group. We get each other pumped up about what we’re working on, and remind each other why we’re doing what we’re doing.
Thanks guys.
SPEAKER 1: Reinventing your business, here.
SPEAKER 1: That sounds a lot–
KERRIE GILL: I have to go.

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