Take Your Child to Work Day in London

JAMES: Hello.
SPEAKER 1: Hello.
LEWIS: I’m Lewis and I’m eight.
HANNAH: I am Hannah and I’m six.
MABEL: Mabel– I’m three.
SAMINA: I’m Samina– four.
MESO: I haven’t thought of that one yet.
SAMINA: Fairy princess.
MATTIE: I’ve got 30, so–
HANNAH: I want to be an artist.
SAYAN: I would like to be an engineer.
MATTIE: A professional skiier, a pop star, a hip-hop dancer.
MABEL: I want to be a ballerina.
RUBEN: A zookeeper.
IKENNA: A normal person.
LEWIS: Probably just bossing everyone around, because he’s a boss.
MESO: Mommy’s an engineer– design houses I think.
SAYAN: Meetings, meetings–
RUBEN: –and more meetings.
MATTIE: Come to work, work, and then chillax and have a chill pill.
SPEAKER 1: You do the emails, OK? Sell, sell buy, buy.
SPEAKER 2: Do you know what an AV manager does?
SPEAKER 2: He helps people talk to each other.
LEWIS: Not a big boss, but a boss.
SPEAKER 3: Do the power, MEP, mechanical, electrical.
MESO: I didn’t know.
SPEAKER 3: Yeah, now you know.
SPEAKER 4: I head up the legal team for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
SPEAKER 4: Sounds like you thought I just relaxed and went shopping.
IKENNA: Why did the cow go to the sky? Because it wanted to go to the moon.

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