Intern What to Expect

ANDREA: I was born in Togo, West Africa.

FREDERICO: I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

NAM: I actually come from on traditional back ground. I’m a self-taught

KATIE: I’m from Connecticut, and I’m at the Darden School of Business at the
University of Virginia.

SAMANTHA: I’m a rising senior at Stony Brook University, and this summer, I
got to work that WeWork.

PETER: Over the course of this 10-week program, Samantha’s helped me out
with a myriad of different projects, including adding creative input in the
video with voiceover to one of our courses on suspicious packages.

SAMANTHA: I was able to create content, take pictures, and edit video. At
one of my favorite things I ever was I was able to sit in a podcast booth and
do a voiceover for the first time. That was really exciting.

NAM: So WeWork feels like a very entrepreneurial company. Even as an intern,
I worked on a project from scratch with my team, gave me a web-based project
that allowed me to work on the design part in the front end and the database in
the back end.

KATIE: I worked on a couple of amazing projects this summer where WeWork is
expanding to about seven markets in Southeast Asia. And I work to help put
together the strategy and playbook for that team.

SAMANTHA: We were able to participate in multiple lunch-and-learns and
different social events with other interns. Being able to sit down, have
dinner, and interact with different interns from different sectors within
WeWork was really fun.

ANDREA: More than anything, what attracted me was the values, especially the
idea of wanting people to come to work and be their most authentic self.

FREDERICO: I think that equality and inclusion is the future. And I think
WeWork is the top company driving that and pushing us to build a world of
inclusivity. And being able to join a company like that while in college and
seeing how everyone here is genuinely happy and supportive of one another and
wanting to come into work smiling every day, couldn’t say no to that.

SAMANTHA: WeWork is really a place where you can grow. And the whole,
“do what you love” thing, is really true here. People really do what
they love.

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