Leading with positivity

We strive to be an example of the future we wish to create—one where people support each other and embrace their differences. Our teammates are encouraged to be their authentic selves at work. Also to choose positivity over negativity for every interaction as that can change the way we collectively feel as people. It’s in the small moments we share—exchanging a smile, saying hello in the elevator, or having a coffee in the common area—that mean the most. We know this is sometimes a hard journey, but we’re happy to be on it together.

Better together

The foundation of WeWork is community. Bringing people together is not only what we do for our members—it’s what we do for our employees. Our all-hands meetings let us connect each month with our coworkers from around the world. By spending time with each other, experiencing life together, we feed off of each other’s energy and feel more deeply connected to one another.

Employee community groups

Our ECGs are grassroots efforts that have become core to our culture. They bring our community around the world closer together to share their diverse experiences. These employee-led groups serve as a resource for team members by fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with WeWork’s mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives.

We of color

We of Color

Creating a community where people of color always feel represented, included, and heard in the workplace by fostering fellowship, advancement, resources, and recognition—increasing belonging, diversity, and inclusion within WeWork.

Pride of We

We seek to create a more inclusive culture for all LGBTQ+ employees through events, active citizenship, digital community, and mentorship, so that every person feels safe, visible, empowered, and able to connect with others at WeWork globally.

Women of WeWork

Women of We

We seek to raise the visibility of women in our workplace and empower each other to reach our potential through networking, career development, learning opportunities, and social good within a safe and trusting environment.

Parents at Wework

Parents at We

We seek to support parents at WeWork, empowering everyone to live their home and work lives to the fullest.

Veterans at Wework

Veterans at We

Repurposing the mission mindset to enrich the lives of veterans at WeWork through service, leadership, and education.