Boldly Me, Proudly We

JAMES: A few years ago, I didn’t think I could go to work without being so anxious that I would have to leave work.
SPEAKER 1: Not being able to be myself impacted the way I live my life, impacting my mental health.
SPEAKER 2: What it means to be my whole authentic self to work is that I feel comfortable with the people that I have around me, and I don’t feel afraid to show my true colors.
GEORGIE: I come to work dressed how I want to dress, I can share my ideas freely, and there’s so much freedom in that.
GRACE: Being my authentic self means that there’s no pressures to be anyone else apart from me.
JAMES: Since joining WeWork, I’ve never felt ashamed to talk about my personal life.
YORDI: My name is Yordi. I am a Dutch realistic optimist.
GEORGIE: My name’s Georgie, and I’m a trilingual, extroverted feminist.
GRACE: I’m Grace I am a South London singer-songwriter, lover of avocados.
JAMES: I’m James. I am a French-speaking, art-loving, political mental health survivor.

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