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WeWork's New Head of Sustainability Wants 'Large-scale Impact'
Lindsay Baker, head of sustainability and wellbeing at WeWork, is passionate about how humans relate to their environments, especially at work. She thinks WeWork “can have a large-scale impact” on the world. Read more
At WeWork Summer Camp, 8,000 People Come Together With A Purpose About 8,000 people from around the world headed to Eridge Park, a wooden area 40 miles southeast of London, for a long weekend of music, food, outdoor activities, and opportunities to improve their skills or learn more about themselves. Read more
To Create a Community, Start with Stairs  WeWork's Fundamental Research team set out to answer one question: Can a simple internal staircase — where it’s located inside a building, how visible it is from nearby, which amenities it connects to — make all the difference in creating community? Read more

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